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'Night Owl' by Niamh Boorman

this cute animation follows the short story of a lonely owl who eventually finds a friend :)

my whimsical soundtrack follows the events with a full acoustic instrumental score

'Connect' by Aprah El-Harari

this short animation captures the isolation and mental toll the Covid-19 lockdown caused us

The soundtrack is multi-genre and includes soft instrumental and anime inspired rock

scene from 'Baraka' by Ron Fricke

this project was an assignment where I was taksed to respond to this scene. I decided to create a full orchestral score to capture the drama and awe this footage demonstrates

scene from 'Metropolis' by Fritz Lang

this project shows my own interpretation of this 1920's film. I scored it with influence from hyperpop, trap and glitch-core

all of the instruments i used are original samples

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